A New Approach is Needed to Increase Farmers Market Sales

A New Approach is Needed to Increase Farmers Market Sales

There are a lot more farmers markets these days and lot more choices when a family wants to buy fresh, seasonal food. It’s great that the rest of world has caught on to the fact that eaters want high-quality food on their plates, but this buffet of choices is one reason that farmers market sales are slack these days at some markets. This is not a foregone conclusion — your sales at market can get better.

Farmers markets (in addition to CSAs) are still the best way for eaters to connect with farmers and get the freshest local food. It’s just that a new approach is needed to get customers to come to the market.

This Spring, we have a new approach for you: FarmFan. FarmFan is a loyalty rewards and text message notification app for farmers market vendors and retail farm markets with the goal of helping you sell more to your best customers.

FarmFan will help you launch and manage a loyalty program where customers get points for shopping and then rewards at farm-generated point levels. In addition, as customers join the FarmFan program, they can opt-in the receive a short text message from you right before each week’s market. This combination of rewards and communication drives traffic and sales to your stand.

We are currently in beta testing with 20 farms across the country and FarmFan will be available for anyone starting on May 1st. I encourage you to check out the website at:

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