About Us
About Us- Hamari Krishi

About Us

Hamari Krishi aims to create a healthier, cleaner environment for the coming generation by facilitating growing organic food, in their home as well as in their farms . We create a second green revolution in Urban and Rural India.

Hamari Krishi aims to empower the Agriculture sector by setting up Aeroponic and Hydroponic farms for Rural and Urban farmers in India for a better and more profitable harvest.

Mission Statement:- Promoting outdoor and indoor commercial farming in Rural and  Urban developing economies by using Aeroponic system. This will save water, electricity and soil fertility and yet produce variety of pure organic food material.
The company’s helps consult and setup vertical farms across India and also grows its own organic fruits, vegetables and herbs under the Hamari Krishi.

Company Profile

Abhishek Sharma ( Managing Director)  is a Telecommunications  Engineer from B.M.S College of Engineering , Bangalore and  MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management( Arizona, USA) in International Business. With 8 years of diverse experience in working with various companies such as Infosys Technologies Ltd, Advanced Nutrients, Exponents Inc he set up Hamari Krishi ( Our Agriculture)  to empower Indian agriculture sector with modern agriculture technologies. Coming from farming background he set up his Polyhouse in Rajasthan and has been working on various Hydroponic ( Soiless Farming ) projects in the country in both Urban and Rural sector. His aim is to strengthen the food supply by using Hydroponics so that no child gets starved in this world.


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