Budget 2019: What Nirmala Sitharaman offers to agriculture sector


The budgetary estimate for the Agriculture Ministry for 2019-20 is 140 per cent higher than that for 2018-19 at Rs 57,600 crore, primarily due to Rs 75,000 crore allocation to PM-Kisan The agricultural and allied sectors in India have grown at an annual growth rate of nearly 2.9 per cent from 2014-15 to 2018-19. Women’s participation in agriculture has been ... Read More »

10 ways to find out if your food is organic

How to tell a product is organic-Hamari Krishi

Appearance If it is naturally and organically grown, no two items will look identical… ever! It’s just not possible to find two things that look absolutely alike in nature. No two leaves of the same mango tree will ever look 100% alike. Similarly, each apple, mango or even grain will always look different from another. Their colour, shape, structure will ... Read More »

Cucumber no longer a cool salad, scientists find radioactive traces in the vegetable!

This article helps us understand farming practices which are Chemical Pesticides oriented only leads to harmful and chronic disorders in humans. We need to stop them and use as much organic pesticides to a sustainable future. HYDERABAD: No Indian salad is complete without the ubiquitous kheera, tomato, cabbage and green chilli. And now agricultural scientists have cautioned that these essential ingredients of ... Read More »

‘Smart Farming’ Is What Rajasthan Thinks Is The Way Forward For The State

While the neighboring Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat have scripted remarkable success stories in transforming the agriculture, Rajasthan has till now made only a steady progress. Despite a few breakthroughs in transitioning to new cropping patterns (olives and dates), a quick glance at the agriculture economy numbers of Rajasthan suggests that it has considerable distance to go, before it gathers the ... Read More »

Drought-hit farmers abandon cows to hunger and death

Cows hungry no food-Hamari Krishi fodder machine

The nomenclature of “cow belt” appears appropriate when travelling past Jhansi into the villages of Bundelkhand in Uttar Pradesh. Herds of cattle can be seen at regular intervals when passing through the highway that connects the town with the rural parts of Bundelkhand. The cows stoically bear the heat and walk single file on either side of the highway. They ... Read More »

Hydroponic fodder to revitalise dairy sector

Hydroponic fodder machine,

Hdroponic fodder promises to be the way to redeem dairy farmers faced with scarcity for quality cattle feed, especially for dairy farmers in urban areas who do not have enough land to cultivate the required quantity of green fodder. Such farmers are dependent mostly on packaged cattle feed. Of course hydroponic fodder cannot substitute green fodder and hay completely, as ... Read More »

Madhya Pradesh Government signs MoUs with three agriculture companies at Krishi Expo


BHOPAL: With an aim to provide advanced agricultural machines and implements to farmers, the Madhya Pradesh government has inked three MoUs with three reputed companies at the Haldhar Krishi Expo. The MOUs were entered into on Friday with leading agriculture companies of the world, in tune with chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s vision to turn agriculture into a profitable venture, ... Read More »

MP’s not to go on Monsanto-sponsored US trip !

Monsanto Protest in India-Hamari Krishi

NEW DELHI: Amid pressure from the RSS-linked organization Swadeshi Jagran Manch (SJM) that has been opposed to field trials of GM crops in India, the BJP on Friday asked its three party MPs not to visit US on the Monsanto-sponsored “farm progress show”. Monsanto, world leader in developing genetically modified seeds, had invited these MPs along with two from Shiv ... Read More »

Indian agriculture scientists root for organic farming

Organic Garming- Hamari Krishi

Indian agriculture scientists root for organic farming [SRINAGAR] Indian agricultural scientists have called for increased funding for organic farming research and for policy interventions to promote it as a farming alternative. There is also a need to remove misconceptions that yield is lesser from organic farming, a conference of Indian agricultural scientists, held from 12-14 May in Srinagar, was told. ... Read More »

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