Kitchen Garden-Indoor and RoofTop
Kitchen Garden Roof Top- Hamari Krishi

Kitchen Garden-Indoor and RoofTop

Grow your own vegetables in your house be it your rooftop, a balcony or a kitchen garden area. These vegetables are organic, require very less water and electricity and can be grown in Air hence soil is not required. The concept of having a kitchen garden is not new to any geographical location be it India or America. We have all been growing fresh vegetables in our backyard.

From the inception of the urban culture, the homes got smaller and the concept of growing your own greens faded over time. With Aeroponics Technology in a very limited space we can grow all you daily requirements of fresh greens, herbs in our balcony , roof tops  and garden area. This not only ensures that the vegetables are pesticide free but also makes the whole environment cleaner and purer. In home set up we can also grow oxygenation plants which not only purifies air but also provides greater sleep and better health.

Using vertical aeroponics Tower system you can grow Basil, Oregano, Thyme, Spinach, Strawberry, Coriander, Mint etc in your kitchen garden. The space required for a single unit covers 1 sq meter area and can easily plant 32 plants. For an average family 2-3 units can give perennial supply of fresh vegetables.


Kitchen Garden - Hamari Krishi

Kitchen Garden – Hamari Krishi

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