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These NFT  systems are best suited for climbers and shooters such as Cucumbers, Bell peppers, Tomatoes etc. They can be used for leafy vegetables such as Lettuce, Broccolli, Basil, Palak , Chillies etc. Each NFT frame Aeroponic system has 10 pods for growing various vegetables. It is suggested to grow only one kind of vegetable at a time in NFT or similar cycle crop.

Constant price
Cost of NS -20 System (20 plants or pods) -6,000( Inclusive of Taxes) +Shipping
NFT system will require an additional tank.

Recurring Cost:-
The recurring cost is NIL. The structure and the plantation medium do not get damaged but
depends on the usage of the cultivator. Only Nutrient and seeds are required.


Area of A frame (9*0.5 ft) =4.5 sq feet
Plants per Frame- 10
Price of A frame- 6,000/- ( Including Tax) +Shipping


Total Cost Includes

Hydroponic Controller
Clay Balls
Pumps with appropriate capacity
Enclosure for Growing Media
Net pods
Nutrients to start the cultivation

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