Hydroponic Fodder Machine
Hydroponic fodder machine, dairy sector in India

Hydroponic Fodder Machine

Hydroponic fodder machine helps a dairy farmer increase milk production and get more profits from his dairy farm. Places where there is scarcity of water, land and labor this machine can produce from 50 kg to 1 tonne in a very small area using hydroponic techniques. The fodder is prepared everyday starting from the 6 day of adding germinated seeds to the trays. The green fodder is organic and helps increase the milk production and quality by 15% and makes the cattle healthy. Below are some key points about fodder machine.

Hydroponic fodder growing system 50 kg / 100 kg / 150 kg per day

1. 1 paisa per kg cost for production
2. Work 24 hrs with Solar ,electrical and battery back
3. 1-5 ratio for seed to fodder conversion
4. 200 liter. Water tank , 1/6hp pump and sprinkler system
5. Automatic controller for watering and humidity control
6. No bacterial and fungal growth with patented water treatment technology
7. Special net cover for light control

1. Year round cultivation, at any climatic conditions in 1/5th of required land
2. 5-25 times higher yield vs. volume of field crops
3. Only 5-10% of water required as against field crops
4. Irrigation by speed & time controls thereby saving water/fertilizers
5. Minimum power requirements with space & energy savings
6. Minimal labor required
7. large savings on capital & operating costs over field agriculture
8. Easily scalable from small to very large production systems

1. Allows digestive system of animals to function with maximum efficiency
2. Delivers year round clean & fresh fodder with high nutrition values
3. Increases red blood cell count and oxygen in blood system
4. Provides high quality protein, enzymes and vitamins
5. Contains anti-Oxidants, anti-ulcer and anti-inflammatory properties
6. Comprises Folic Acid, Omega-3, Fatty Acids, Chlorophylls
7. No soil borne diseases, hence no fungi or weeds to deal with
8. Forage increases the fertility rate and reduces the fetal mortality/abortion
9. Increases lactation/milk yield by up to 10-15 %.

Green Fodder Machine _- Hamari Krishi

Green Fodder Machine _- Hamari Krishi

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