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What to Grow in a Hydroponic Greenhouse

What to Grow in Hydroponic Greenhouse

Hydroponic greenhouses can produce larger yields than a traditional greenhouse but for maximum success the grower must understand what to grow and what not to grow. Some plants may spread out too much to grow properly in a hydroponic greenhouse. Other plants may be cool weather plants and will not be able to stand the constant high temperatures that other ... Read More »

Vertical Farming for Large Farms

Aeroponic Farming-Hamari Krishi

Non Soil Agricultural techniques provide modern farming a strong tool to increase their harvest for a given farm land. These techniques not only increase the harvest by 3-5 times but also decrease water, pesticides, fertilizers usage from 50-80%. We at Hamari Krishi empower Indian farmers to use these new techniques to grow throughout the year using a Polyhouse-Green House Structure and ... Read More »

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