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Automation Options in Horticulture

Vertical Farming In India- Aeroponic Octa Garden System

Automation Options in Horticulture: Indoor and outdoor horticulturists enjoy certain perks of their respective practices, and these perks are generally interrelated with gardening labor and work environment. For indoor growers, access to conveniences such as electricity allows for the use of technology related to environmental controls, lighting systems, and irrigation setups. These workplace bonuses generally make the day-to-day routine of ... Read More »

‘Smart Farming’ Is What Rajasthan Thinks Is The Way Forward For The State

While the neighboring Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat have scripted remarkable success stories in transforming the agriculture, Rajasthan has till now made only a steady progress. Despite a few breakthroughs in transitioning to new cropping patterns (olives and dates), a quick glance at the agriculture economy numbers of Rajasthan suggests that it has considerable distance to go, before it gathers the ... Read More »

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