1. Aeroponic System is an efficient way of growing plants, vegetables, herbs, small fruits in a controlled environment. This environment can be created in any indoor facility such as house, school, office etc and outdoor facilities like Glass house for commercial applications. Below are the product details shown pictorially.

A closed of semi closed Box/reservoir: – This is made of plastic/PVC/light sheet which can vary in size depending on the number of plants(Pods) a person wants to grow.

Nutrient Pump with controller: – This pump is used to transport the nutrient mix to the mist nozzle. This keeps a check on the amount of nutrients that need to be supplied to the roots of the plant. This also controls when the mistifier has to shoot the mist to the plant roots.

Mistifier or nozzle: – This is used to convert the nutrient solution to mist and then spray the small water particles to the roots of the plant.

Plant Holders: – The plan roots grow in air; hence a plant holder is required to keep it suspended in air.

Water circulation system through pipes: – Pipes are required to circulate the nutrient solution to the pump and from the pump to the mistifier.

Indicators: – The system shows indication once the nutrient mix, water, Glow Bulbs needs to be changed or refilled.

2. The system can be made in a number of sizes depending on the number of plants it can grow. It can grow lesser number of plants in an indoor home environment where as large number of plants can be grown on a commercial level.
3. The system requires very limited agricultural resources such as water and electricity and provides a yield in lesser time that too Organic. ( To fill the exact figures based on our R&D)
4. The portable indoor system can be purchased from AeroSprouts, India online please see link below. For commercial system please contact out Business development team at

Hydroponic Technology-Hamari Krishi

Hydroponic Technology-Hamari Krishi

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