Services for Aeroponic Vertical Farms

We are vertical farming consultants, manufacturers of Aeroponic systems and your partner in sustainable, organic yet economical cultivation. We are  manufacturers of Aeroponic systems along with which we also help clients in their Hydroponic/Aeroponic Farm set up. This includes building of Poly-house according to the geographical and climatic location ( it can be Poly-carbonate house, Poly sheet house , Shade-net house) of the farm.

After setting up the Poly-house we do the installation for Aeroponic set up. It can be both for Leafy Vegetables or for climber plants. We have both Vertical and Horizontal systems to practically grow Vegetables that grow above soil.

Once the Aeroponic farm machinery is set up, we train your employees Technically and Operations wise on how to operate and get a good successful harvest.

We study your requirements and propose the most optimum farming solution to make it a sustainable and profitable venture for you. We are experts in the field of Aeroponics and our experienced team of scientists, horticulturalists and engineers work with you to optimize your resources for maximum sustainable yields. We basically provide 3 services:-

  1. Poly-house set up
  2. Aeroponic Set up
  3. Training program on how to run the farm efficiently
Polyhouse - Fan and Pad system-Hamari Krishi

Polyhouse Climate Controlled – Fan and Pad system


Polyhouse - Fan and Pad system- Window System

Polyhouse Climate Controlled – Window System

2. Aeroponic Set Up


3. Training on Farm Management

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