How to Avoid Transplantation Shock
How to Avoid Plant Shock on Transplantation- Hamari Krishi

How to Avoid Transplantation Shock

Transplantation shock is the stress a newly transplanted plant gets when shifted from one place to another. This is generally caused by the sudden change in the familiar to a non familiar conditions of the sapling or mature plant.

There are various ways in which a sapling can be made from a seed. They are:-

  1. Saplings created in Soil
  2. Saplings created in Coco Peat
  3. Saplings created in Rock wool

We need to determine where we want to finally transplant the sapling and based on that criterion we need to set up saplings.  If we want to grow in open area cultivation where we are sowing in Soil then the saplings created in Soil and in coco peat will show less Transplantation shock.

Saplings created in Coco Peat can work fine in Soil as well as soiless medium such as Hydroponics and Aeroponics.  But the saplings created in Soil will show a major Transplantation shock and will take 3-4 days to recover if they can recover. Most of the Saplings are now days created in germination trays using coco peat. This allows easier transport of the saplings. These saplings can be used with Aeroponic systems using Rockwool and Hydroton. The user needs to make sure that coco peat is cleared dry ( not washed) and transplanted in the pods containing Rockwool and Hydroton as the medium.

Saplings can be directed created in rock wool using seeds and keeping it under dark and moist conditions till they germinate. Once the seeds have germinated the rock wool block can be transplanted into the main system. This will help the plant in not going in a transplantation shock.




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