Workshop for women in agriculture

Workshop for women in agriculture

Manila, Philippines – Senator Cynthia Villar, chairperson of the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Food, conducted a training workshop for women involved in agriculture to help them improve their lives through livelihood generation.

Those who participated in the workshop conducted in Las Pinas City were members and officers of the Rural Improvement Clubs (RICs) from various parts of the country.

RICs are rural-based organizations of women whose goal is to uplift the living conditions of their farming families.

The two-day workshop titled “Agriculture for Poverty Reduction: Enhancing contribution of RICs” was very timely since March is International Women’s Month and 2014 has been declared as International Year of Family Farming, according to the lady solon.

“Unknown to many, women are a dominant force in agriculture. Unfortunately, since the agricultural workers are among the poorest in our country, these women from farming families bear the burdens of poverty. We want to support them by giving them know how and skills that they can use to grow their livelihood and improve their conditions in life,” said Villar.

Citing official statistics, she said 25% of the world’s population is composed of women farmers, who are often heads of their families or households. “Moreover, 50% of food globally is produced by family farmers.”


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